Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mama ---- Aunt Nee

Get well soon ,each day you'll soon feel better than you have done in days before , we will be looking over you to boost your strength and aid your cure.

Jonny , Sha , Jenny , Man Carano

Chris , Sherlyn , Bubba  Landrieu

CC , Brown Baby , Lynette Johnson

I miss you Aunt Nee , hurry home .


  1. Thankyou my darlings,
    It's good to have and feel so much love .
    I missed all of you too . Everyone said how good you was ... that don't surprise me .
    Big hugs and kisses from me to you my darlings .

    I 'WUV' all of you too .

    Mama & aunt NEE

  2. Baby,

    Glad to have you home .

    I am aware you know you works me so hard . OHhhhh my aching back .(smiling) but I like and enjoy it.

    Your loving husband

  3. Hello daughter ,

    Glad to have you home , you was not gone long but we missed you especially me .

    I am starving to death , whats for dinner .(laughing my butt off)

  4. Nee ,
    Get well soon .
    Hurry get back to your sweet self .

    Hon your are missed.

    Jean and Harvey

  5. Mrs. Carano ,
    From all of us at Nanooks crafts ,Nanooks Shops and Nanook flea market , get well soon .

    PS: Everyone says they will keep you away from the flea market .

    Della and the gang

  6. There are lots of people who love you Sweetie. Me too.
    Hope you feel well real soon and watch where you step in future.

    Luv you...Jeannie


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