Thursday, May 23, 2013

Food for Thought

This weekend many of us  will be celebrating  the holiday with  an outdoor cookout . While most people picture  hamburgers  , hot dogs  or creamy potato salad , cookouts do not have to take you off track  with your nutrition plans .
Cooking can be healthy  , especially  when you have  a menu  that features  lean cuts  of meat , foods with  light  and favorful sauceds  and veggies  ans salads  that give  you a nutritional boost .
Here are a few tips  to help you have  a healthy  and flavorful cookout this weekend  and all summer long :

1 .    Marinate meats in low or no-fat dressing  and sauces . Opt for rubs  and dry seasoning instead .

2 .    Limit processed meats  like hot dogs , deli meats  and bacon . Look for lean meats , like 93 precent lean ground beef  for burgers  or skinless poutry  . Trim visible fats  from meats  before putting  them on the grill .

3 .    Grilled vegetables  are good  as rntrees and sides . Options  such as mushrooms , squash , onions  and peppers  are great  hearty flavors  that grill well .

4 .      Try lower-fat options  for salads . Add flavor  with pickle  or lemon  juice and herbs . For pasta  salads , try whole-wheat pastas . Try a new flavor  such as pesto or Dijon mustard  for a hearty twist .

5 .      Remember  to hydrate  well . Water with slices  of lemon , orange or other fruits  is your best bet  to avoid  unwanted calories  and dehydration .

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