Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cinco de Mayo : Food for Thought

Cinco de Mayo is an important day in Mexico's history , celebrated with food and family . The earliest Mexican agricultural were beans , chili pepers , with maize/corn arriving  some 2,000 years later . Their diet expanded  to include  avocados , coconuts , papayas , pineapples , prickly pears , tomatoes , manioc , sweet potatoes , peanuts , amaranth , chia seeds  and more varieties of beans .

May is Stroke Awareness Month .
This time of month is a great time to focus  on healthy lifestyle changes .
Here are a few tips :

1 .    Maintain a healthy weight by engaging in regular  physical activity and eating a balanced diet .
2 .     Reduce your intake of salt . If you regularly eat out or purchase  convenience  foods  you may be getting to much salt.
3 .     Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables . Fresh fruits and vegetables  are high in potassium , something that can help lower  your blood pressure  and risk of stroke .
4 .     Limit your intake  of trans-fats and added sugars . Limit your intake of alcohol and abstain from tobacco use .

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