Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Take Ten --- Emotional & Physical Hunger

We've all done it  -- reaching  for the chips  when we're bored , noshing at a party when we're nervous , dipping into the Ben & jerry's  when we're blue . Emotional  eating  equal unwanted calories  and extra pounds . Try these tips to identify  and avoid  emotional eating .

1 . Learn the difference  between emotional  and phyical hunger  . Emotional hunger  comes on suddenly  and involves  cravings for specific foods .
2 .  Identify your emotional  triggers  , anger , sadness  and negative  feelings aren't the only  triggers . Positive triggers  -- like using  food as a reward  -- are positive .
3 .  Keep an emotional  eating diary . Pinpoint  patterns  that emerge  over time  , then find  healthier  ways  to cope  with your feeling .
4 .  Think about how childhood  habits  and social routines  affect  your eating habits  , then figure  out how  to change  your responses to those influences.
5 .  If you are sad and lonely , reach for the phone  or computer  keyboard  instead of food . Look at photos  , play with a pet  or reach out in other ways .
6 .   Focus on your overall healthwith regular exercise adequate sleep and social schedules.
7 .   Give yourself premission to rest if you're exhausted instead of reaching for a snack . Allow 30 minutes a day away from responsibilites.
8 .    Bored :Get away , work on a hobby or home repair , practice a skill like playingthe guitar .
9 .    Put off eating for 30 minutes when an emotionally food binge craving hits .
10 .   Work off anxiety with a brisk walk to one of your favoriate places .   


  1. Good advice , thanks for sharing .

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