Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sweet Heat Hot Dogs

Prep / Total : 30 minutes        Makes  8 servings

3/4             cup mayonnaise
1                tablespoon whole grain mustard
1                green onion, minced
2                tablespoons Asian sriracha hot chili sauce
8                hot dogs 
8                hot dog buns, toasted
1                cup chopped sweet-hot pickles
2                cups shredded red cabbage  

1.        Preheat grill to 350° to 400° (medium-high) heat.
2.        Combine first 3 ingredients and 1 Tbsp. chili sauce in a small bowl. Brush hot dogs with remaining 1 Tbsp. chili sauce.
3.        Grill hot dogs, covered with grill lid, 4 to 6 minutes or until thoroughly heated. Place hot dogs in buns, and top with mayonnaise mixture. Sprinkle with chopped pickles and shredded cabbage.
Best when used with Wickles Pickles and Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.

Take hot dog toppings beyond traditional sauerkraut and mustard by dressing with sweet-hot pickles, shredded red cabbage and a creamy topping made of mayo, whole grain mustard, and hot chili sauce.

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