Sunday, July 28, 2013

Peanut Brittle

Prep : 5 minutes   Cook: 50 minutes + cooling  Makes 3 pounds

3            cups sugar
2            cups water
3/4         cup light corn syrup
1/4         cup dark corn syrup
2            cups spanish or cocktail peanuts
2            talespoons butter
1             tablespoon baking soda
1            teaspoon vanilla extract

1 .      Line three 15-inch x 1-inch pans with parchment paper ( do not spray or grease).
2 .      In a large heavy saucepan, combine the sugar , water and corn syrups . Bring to a boil  , stirring  constantly to dissolve sugar . Using a pastry brush  dipped in water  , wash down the sides of the pan to eliminate  sugar crystals . Cook withour stirring  over medium heat  until  a candy thermometer  reads 260* (hard ball stage).
3 .       Stir in peanuts  and butter ; cook to 300* (hard-crack stage) .
4 .       Remove from heat  ; stir in baking soda  and vanilla  . (Mixture will foam) . Immediately pour into prepared pans  , spreading as thin as possible . Cool completely  . Break into pieces . Store between layers of waxed paper  in airtight containers .

You can cook your camarel to the point where it's beautiful rich shade of amber , that gives it a very dark , intense taste  . You have to work quickly with it .

You can also  walnuts , pecans  to give it your own touch  of variety of  of candies .


  1. I've made peanut brittle before, but it's been years. Heck, it's been years since I've eaten it! Wonder why, because it has such great flavor. This looks wonderful - thanks.

  2. Okay ... it's time to be a kid again and the flavor is great .:)


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