Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Take 10

1----------Organize your cooking tools and kitchen cabinets so you don't spend precious minutes hunting for that final ingredients .

2---------- Create (or download) a meal plan for a weeks worth of dinners , then buils a shopping list .

3----------Scan the grocery store ads for meat on sale , then create a couple of main dishes with what you buy .

4 ---------Buy family sized packages of meat and divide into meal-size portions before freezing .

5----------Think twins ; Cook two of an item , like a chicken . Serve one the day you cook it , and remove the meat from the other one for meals later in the week .

6) -------- Stock up on frozen and canned vegetables , beans and peas and stables like spaghetti .

7 ---------Start with a salad while the main dish finishes cooking . Get your family to help prepare the salad and set the table .

8---------Keep it simple . Broil meat or fish , warm frozen or canned vegetables and add some bread for a complete but speedy meal .

9 --------Dust off that slow cooker or crock pot . Simmer meat all day or make a stew . Add rice and vegetables to round out the meal .

10 ------ Make your microwave work for you . You can cook most vegetables in the microwave .
Check your owners manual for cooking times and techniques .
Does the school night rush leave you reaching for your keys to head to a fast food drive-through ? A little planning can help you avoid those fat-and-sodium-laden meals . Follow these tips to get a healthier meal on the table with a minimum of fuss.
Keep a watch out more helpful tips on the way .

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