Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bayou Red Beans & Rice Casserole

Prep time : 25 minutes  plus beans' soaking time     Cooking time : 2-1/2 hours     Makes  6 servings

Rice  can be  steamed , baked  or microwaved  to perfection . When combined  with beans  in the trio of recipes  below , it provides  high-quality protein.
              A Global Dish
Rice and bean combinations range from spicy to mild  . They are  popular  dishes  in cuisines  throughout  the world  , including  our  own  Southern  and Southwestern states .
In Louisiana  , which is famous  for its long-grain rice  , red beans  and rice  is the dish of choice . Traditionally , red beans and rice was  made on a Monday  to take  advantage  of the ham bone  left over  from Sunday's dinner .

2               cups  dried  red kidney  beans , sorted  and rinsed
1               tablespoon vegetable oil
8               ounces  chorizo , sliced  , or hot Italian  sausage , removed from casings  and crumbled
1               large onion , coarsely chopped
1               large  sweet green pepper  , cored , seeded  and chopped
1/2            cup  chopped celery
2               cloves  garlic , minced
8               ounces  smoked ham , diced
4               cups Browned  Beef Stock , canned broth  or water
2               whole bay leaves
1/2            teaspoon  dried  thyme  , crumbled
1/2            teaspoon dried  marjoram , crumbled
1/4            teaspoon cayenne pepper
2               cups long-grain rice
1               tablespoon red wine vinegar
1/2            teaspoon  salt or  to taste ( I use  kosher salt)

1 .       Soak beans overnight  in water to cover . Drain beans  (if cooking beans  in water instead of broth , reserve  soaking  liquid   and add  water  to total  1 quart liquid ); set aside .
2 .       In a 6-quart Dutch oven  over  moderate heat  ,  heat oil 1 minute . Add chorizo  and saute  until brown  --- about  5 minutes ; transfer to paper toweling  to drain .   Drain all  but 2 tablespoons  of pan drippings  . Add onion, green pepper  , celery and garlic  and saute until soft --- about 5 minutes . Add reserved  beans , ham , stock , bay leaves , thyme , marjoram  and cayenne pepper . Bring  to a boil over high heat . Reduce  the heat to  moderately low and simmer  covered  until beans  are tender --- about 1-1/2 hours . Remove  and discard  bay leaves  .
Preheat  the oven  to 350*F .
3 .          Drain beans  , reserving  1 cup liquid  . Put beans and liquid  into a lightly  greased  3-quart  casserole  ; stir  in chorizo , rice , vinegar   and salt to taste .
4 .          Bake , covered until hot  --- about  40 minutes  . Serve  with hot red pepper sauce .

Caribbean Black beans  and Rice :      Makes 6 servings

Prepare as directed  , substituting  dried  black beans  for kidney beans . Add  1 large  chopped  cored  and seeded  sweet red pepper  along with the onion , green pepper  celery and garlic . Proceed as directed , but increase  cooking time  to between 2  and 2-1/2  hours .  Add  1 teaspoon finely grated  orange  zest along with  vinegar and salt  .  Remove and discard  bay leaf  . Increase rice to  3 cups  but do not mix in ; also do not bake  . Instead , serve immediately over rice   and top , if desired with sour cream .

New Mexico Chili Rice  and Pinto Beans :    Makes 6 o 8 servings

Prepare as directed , substituting  dried pinto beans  for kidney beans . Omit  chorizo  and increase smoked ham to 1 pound . Proceed as directed , adding  two 4-ounce cans , drained  , chopped  mild  green chilies  and 1 seeded , cored  and finely chopped jalapeno along with the beans  , ham  and seasonings . Cook as directed  for Bayou Red Beans  . Mix in vinegar and salt . Remove and discard bay leaf . Increase  rice to 3 cups  but do not mix in ; also do not bake  . Instead  serve  immediately over  rice . 


  1. Wow, 3 recipes in one post? Lucky us! I love any variety of beans and rice, although red beans and rice might be my favorite. Super recipe -- thanks.

  2. Hi John , I also love beans and rice , there are so many ways to make rice dishes . Stay tune , I will be posting more Cajun and Creole dishes :-D . Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. When I first started my blog , my intention was to celebrate beans and rice every Monday as a Meatless day. I never did get around to doing it and unfortunately I don't see it anywhere in my future:) Too bad because your three dishes in one would have made three Monday posts, lol...not to mention how it would make my tummy sooooo happy!

    Thanks for sharing, Nee...

    1. Hi Louise , I am pondering over a special day for something , maybe a vegetarian / meatless day ... I am studying how to make it work , thanks for stopping by :)

      P.S. have any ideas ((( HUGS)))

    2. I think you already have a great idea, Nee. A Meatless/Vegan day sounds just right. Good Luck!

    3. Hi Louise , so much I need to learn and I do want to branch out ;-D , . Watch your mail , thanks and (((HUGS)))

  4. I like red beans in rice in many forms :) it's always nice to have such dish for family dinner especially in winter :)

    1. Hi Medeja , like you I love beans , they are full of protein and good for you . Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Oh yum - love beans and rice and this looks really tasty with the sausage in there! The variations also sound very good - guess I have a few new recipes to try!

    1. Hi Donalyn , I'm so glad to meet you , they are just perfect for this weather , thanks for stopping by .

  6. Dear Nee, Love all of these renditions of beans with rice. What a different idea, making these on Monday. I never knew the story of the ham bone which is why you would make the beans and rice. I am always learning something new from you and the other food blogger ladies. That is the fun of it all, learning from each other. The red beans and rice recipe looks very hearty and yummy for sure. Thanks for sharing...Blessings Dottie :)

    1. Hi Dottie , beans and rice is a favorite dish here and so many things you can do with them is amazing . I have learn so much from all the food bloggers , just ask and someone will have an answer and willing to share . ... I don't think you have met John , my kids call him 'That Man Sure Can Cook " give him a peek , his address is , he's on my sidebar . Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Dear Nee, Looks good. I love the additional bit of heat added. It is comforting for this cold weather. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  8. Hi Catherine , I am like you , I love a bit of heat , thanks for stopping by :)


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