Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring is Here --- Happy Birthday Marion


The perfect recipe for your year ahead should be 20 percent love mixed with 30 percent luck. Add on top 20 percent courage and garnish it with 30 percent health. Say cheers to life for this is your special 'DAY'!
As you look back on yesterday, may your memories be warm ones. As you celebrate today, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy. As you look ahead to tomorrow, may your deepest hopes and dreams come true for you!
I wish you to celebrate all the wonderful things that make you so special, not just on your special day, but on every day of the year!
I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. Happy Birthday to you!
Oh Marion ,  let's  party  , good  food  good  friends  and  good  time .

Please  hop over  to Months of Edible Celebrations  and  say 'Happy Birthday' to Marion.

Nee  and  the  Carano  gang  


  1. Dear Nee,
    Yes, I saw your post come up and thought I would take a moment to say hello. Happy Spring to you and your family dear friend! Thant was so nice what you wrote about Marion... Happy Birthday to dear Marion as well! You are always a sweet and kind person, very thoughtful. Even though it is Spring today by calendar, we in the Northeast are headed for another storm...rain, snow, and cold is on tap for this day. You are in the clear I guess this time. Well, someday it will be spring, but I think that from cold temps,,,it is just going to get too hot. This has happened before and then we will not even have spring.
    Well, again...hope that your day and weekend is fabulous...and what a great party for Marion..
    Dottie :)

    1. Good evening Dottie,
      I have fun using Louise Calendar each month , she has birthdays and lots of interesting stuff ... even shout-outs for other bloggers .
      I try to be thoughtful , but sometimes people can rub me the wrong way and they will get a taste of my sometime sharp tongue (giggling).
      Glad you like the Spring post , The weather patterns are changing , some say it climate change , some say it's the drilling and the slates in the earth is slipping or rubbing together causes earthquakes and major storms .

      Not to worry , we will het through this , my older sister said she remember when it snowed here in April 1967 the year I was born . She was grown and married .

      One thing we can do is complain , but we can't mess with Mother Nature (giggling).
      Have a great weekend and stay warm and safe . Thanks for stopping by . :) Nee

  2. Happy Birthday to Marion!! I hope it is a wonderful day all the way around! xoDiana

    1. Hi NanaDiana,
      Thanks for the shout-out to Marion . She is such a nice lady . Marion is Louise in-house expert at Months of edible Celebrations , she is a wonder at the young age of 95 . Thanks for stopping by . NEE :)

  3. Dear Nee, A wonderful tribute to Marion!! Blessings dear. Catherine xo

    1. Hi Catherine , Marion is a wonderful person and a good sport . At 95 , she is a trooper . Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Oh my goodness, Nee, what a lovely surprise! I just showed it to Marion and I thought she was going to roll off the couch laughing, lol...

    I'm so sorry we couldn't make it here yesterday but to be honest, it was so much better for Marion to be surprised with these greeting this morning. (she didn't have a good day yesterday health wise:)

    She LOVED that line dance cartoon, and said to let you know she wiggled her toes in tune to the music!

    Marion loved the recipe and she said to let the kiddies know she will try to save them some of her birthday cake but she can't promise because she has to make up for not being able to eat it yesterday!!!!

    Thank you to you and your lovely family Nee. Marion's day is going to be so much better today I can tell already!!!! Hugs and Kisses to you all from the both of us:)

    P.S. I'll email you later:)

    1. Good morning my friend ,
      Marion needed it this morning to give her that extra kick .
      I am so very sorry to hear Marion was not feeling to well and if this post gave her some belly laughs , so much the better .

      I have lots of gifs , I like sharing . Hubby's dad called , said Nee when are you going to have me another grandkid , I told him to send me a hammer and some nails and I will work on it , he said they are on the way by Fed-Ex , he is a hoot .

      You are so welcome , I got it from the calendar and lot more good stuff. Baby Boy said just think of him and stick her fingers in the icing and think of him .

      You and Marion are so welcome the both of you are very , very special people : (((HUGS))) Nee :)


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