Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spicy Potato Salad

                        Prep time : --- 30 minutes     Cook time : --- about 45 minutes --- Makes 6 servings
4                   thick slices bacon , diced
1/2                cup finely chopped yellow onion
1                   tablespoon flour
1/2                cup Browned Beef Stock or canned reduced-sodium beef broth
1/2                cup cider vinegar
2                   tablespoons sugar
1                   teaspoon salt
1/4                teaspoon black pepper
3                   pounds small red or white-skinned new potatoes , boiled , peeled , and cut into 1/4                inch thick slices
1                   cup sliced scallions
1/4                cup minced parsley
1                   jalapeno  , seeds removed  and finely  chopped

1)           In a medium-size skillet over moderately low heat , cook bacon until crisp --- about 5 minutes . Transfer to paper towels to train .
2)           Add onion to bacon dripping , jalapeno and saute until soft --- about 5 minutes . Blend in flour ; remove from the heat and gradually stir in stock , vinegar , sugar salt and pepper . Return to the heat and cook stirring until mixture boils . Cook 1 minute more , reduce heat to low and keep dressing warm .
3)           Place potatoes in a heatproof serving bowl , add scallions , parsley and reserved bacon , pour dressing over all and toss gently to mix .

Patoto salad with a twist and so good.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Medeja , just in time for grilling outside , thanks for stopping by :)

  2. What a beautiful potato salad, never had a spicy one before, will try this. Love the spicy, sweet and savory flavors in this.

    1. Hi Cheri , thank you and do stop in again . :)

  3. Dear Nee,
    Boy, I do love a good potato salad as a side dish with a BBQ or a picnic or whatever I can add it to. Your recipe is wonderful, sounds delicious, and very inviting. Sounds easy and the jalapeno is a fantastic addition. Gives it that little kick. I am going to try this one for Father's Day, I know that the men in my family may enjoy this. Great post! Thanks for sharing...Blessing on a good weekend! :) Dottie

    1. Dear Dottie ,
      I love a good potato salad and there are so many different varieties , you can make each your own . Hubby loves it and yes he will get it for Father's Day . I make 3 salads and I will serve the one you posted Friday , it's a winner .
      Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed weekend :) Nee


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