Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mudbug Madness ... Shreveport , Louisiana


In 1984, a group of brave and loyal North Louisianans decided to take a stand. This group was tired of hearing: "You people in Shreveport are more like Texans than anything else. You’re hardly a part of Louisiana, at all." So this daring group gathered in the Downtown Shreveport Unlimited office to organize their ranks and pay homage to the most cherished of Louisiana institutions the crawfish boil! And this group wanted to make their crawfish boil the granddaddy of them all.

So Mudbug Madness was born. What began in 1984 as a two-day street festival in downtown Shreveport is now one of Louisiana’s largest and most popular Cajun festivals, featuring renown Cajun, Zydeco, Blues and Jazz artists, mouth-watering Cajun cuisine, raucous contests, and fun for all ages. Now a four-day festival held each Memorial Day weekend, Mudbug Madness is nationally recognized as one of the Southeast Tourism Society’s Top 20 Events, drawing as many as 56,000 people in one day.

Mudbug Madness created renewed interest in Louisiana’s rich cultural heritage and the event’s original organizers are proud to have brought a little bit of south Louisiana fun north to Shreveport.

Through the years, festival organizers remain dedicated to the original premise of Mudbug Madness: Provide a downtown venue where everybody has a good time celebrating Louisiana’s rich Cajun heritage. But Mudbug Madness is more than just a big crawfish boil. Supporters take their commitment to downtown Shreveport very seriously and the festival has been successful in producing healthy revenues, a portion of which are reinvested in other downtown endeavors. Downtown Shreveport Unlimited, the presenting organization, provides sponsorship dollars for other downtown projects and events including: "Let the Good Times Roll," "Jazz & Gumbo Festival," "Cinco de Mayo," "Rockets Over the Red" and the Shreveport Police Mounted Patrol Unit.

So thanks to a few visionaries in 1984 and to those who have attended and supported Mudbug Madness over the years, Downtown Shreveport, the heart of our city, is getting stronger every year.


  1. Dear Nee, This is the second time I am trying to send you a comment, Blogger is having problems I guess..anyhow, this is a fabulous post. I had no idea about this festival called Mudbug Madness. Very informative and you are correct, the visionaries saw something for your city, that others didn't. I love the idea that the monies goes to other festivals in the city. I understand about the crawfish boil, but I do not understand why they call it Mudbug? Thanks for sharing this with us, we would never have known about this festival in your city. Blessing on your Monday...Dottie :)

    1. Dear Dottie , Blogger do act up and times , I think maybe they are updating , it has also happen to me . I always love hearing from you..
      Thank you and we are having much fun , always something going on . I think they call it Mudbug because the crawfish is found on the bottom of the lakes / ponds , something like shrimp and they are plentiful year round . I will be posting recipes . Dear Dottie there is so much to learn about us down here .
      Did you know we are the only state that has 'parishes' the others has counties . I have more interesting facts I will bring from time to time . Have a blessed Monday and the rest of the week . Thanks so much for stopping by . :)

    2. Good afternoon Nee, thanks for that explanation. I should have thought about that, they are found on the bottom of the water. Looking forward for the recipes, love to learn new ones. So glad Nee, that you are all having so much fun. I know there must be lots of things that we don't know about each others state. Which is cool in a way, because then we can share all kinds of things. I do know that you are the only state that calls it's counties, parishes. Which I really like that name. I remember when Hurricane Katrina hit your state, the devastation, must have been horrendous. That is when I first learned about "Parishes." Well, hope that you keep having fun....Enjoy your Monday and the rest of the week as well. This week will go faster, because of the holiday...Blessings, Dottie :)

    3. Dear Nee, thanks for the info, I should have realized that. Looking forward to your recipes and info on your state. So glad that you are enjoying your festival, sounds like really a lot of fun. I remember Hurricane Katrina, that is when I learned about your Parishes, not counties. That must have been so devastating and horrendous. But, your state came back with full force and that means a lot about the people that live there. Hope that you keep having fun...enjoy the rest of the will be shorter now because of the holiday. Blessings, Dottie :)

    4. Dear Dottie ,
      You are so welcome , things are always happening here and I will share them . So many old and interesting things . When you mentioned Katrina , I remember another disaster that hit the gulf . I am sure you heard about the BP explosion ... the well / flat form they was drilling for gas in the gulf exploded and killed a lot of workers , South Louisiana is still rocking from that ... The fish business went down the drain , I live in North Louisiana but it had an affect on the whole state . We have to get a lot of our fish shipped in from up your way . You have a great week my friend ... blessing to you ...Nee :)

  2. Thank you for the history. It sounds like a fun festival. I have never tried this but I do love spicy!
    Blessings dear. Catherine

    1. Hi Catherine , welcome , it seems we have festivals year round , I will be bringing more . Spicy is the word here , Thanks for stopping by :)


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