Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Plants With Secret Identities

Spring is the time to think about your garden . This year why not introduce a few plants that can help around the house . These specimens aren't just pretty faces . Each one can help keep your home safer or healthier .
Aloe :
Aloe Vera ---
A sun-loving evergreen with spiky yellow-orange  flowers .
Uses : The "jelly" in the  aloe leaves  can soothe  burns , itches  and dry skin .
Fun Fact :
The  charmer  Cleopatra  used  aloe in her  skin regimen .

Bambuseae ---
A fast growing  grass  with a hollow woody stem .
Uses : This versatile  wonder  can be used as a privacy fence . Harvested  , the  wood  can be used for  construction or  ornamental  crafts .
Pro Tip :  The young  shoots  of the bamboo  plant  are the key  to many Chinese  dishes .

Lavandula angustifolia ---
An herbaceous  bush  with  fragrant purple  wands .
Uses :  Attracts  helpful  insects  , repels  rabbits , can be used in cooking . The smell of lavender is lovely  and is used  both as a cosmetic  scent  and a treatment  to reduce  stress .
Fun Fact : Queen Victoria  drank lavender  tea  to ease her headaches .

Lemongrass :
Cymbopogon nardus ---
A  graceful  ornamental  grass  with a pleasant  smell .
Uses :  Mosquito-repelling  citronella  oils  come from this plant  . It also  lends  a citronella  flavor when used as a spice .
Pro Tip : Rub the leaves  on your  clothing  to keep the bugs at  bay .

Spearmint :
Mentha spicata ---
A plucky , fragment  green herb  with spiky leaves .
Uses : Repels  mice  , and leaves  can settle some  stomachaches  . Oil  cultivated  from the plant  gives off a  pleasant  smell .
Po Tip --- Add bourbon , sugar  and water  for the traditional mint  julep .

Spider Plant :
Chlorophytum Comosum ---
A favorite and hardy houseplant   with cascading  runners .
Uses : Can help filter  out  carbon monoxide  , formaldehyde   and other  gases .
Fun Fact :  NASA  researched spider plants  to help filter  air on  the Space  Station .

Sunflower :
Helianthus Annus ---
A garden favorite  with a tall stem  and large  bright yellow  blooms .
Uses : The  flower makes for home décor  , and the seeds  can be roasted  and eaten .
Fun Fact : Plant sunflowers to help draw  away insects  from  delicate plants  nearby .

A little warm weather  here  and  my mind is  on gardening ,  stay tune   because there is more to  come  on canning  and freezing  when the  crops  come  in , oh  yeah    ;-D  .  Nee


  1. I only new about aloe, lavender, spearmint and sunflower, other are not common where I grew up, so it is really interesting to read it.Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Medeja , I grow all types of herbs and power plants if I can find them . Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. What a GREAT poster, Nee!!! I just love it and it's so informative!!! I too knew of some of these but the other "secret" identities are new to me! Thanks so much for sharing, Nee...

    1. Hi Louise , you can tell I'm ready for the planting season , I do so have cabin fever . There are other power plants , mostly the ones we cook with . I never give them a second thought , I just know they makes things taste better . (((HUGS))) to you and Marion . Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  3. Excellent suggestions, Nee! Thank you so very much!

    1. Hi Nellie , none of the plants is hard to grow , thanks for stopping by :)

  4. A lot of fun facts here! This is great -- thanks so much.

    1. Hi John , it's amazing how can a plant can help us . Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Dear Nee, Fabulous post..I knew about the Aloe plant, but had no idea about some of the others. Wonderful! The pictures and your info is something that everyone should know...Thanks for sharing this...I am looking forward to your post on canning. Never learned how to do that, and I will be taking notes on that post. I can not even grow cactus, (which my mom says you can't kill), but I have done that! Love that you, Louise, and some of the other blogs write about plants, and flowers. You all have that green thumb! Blessing Dottie :)

    1. Hi Dottie , thanks so much for enjoying this post , I find lots of people overwater their plants . When I water or feed them I talk to them and I also place classic music to my houseplants ;-D go figure , Dottie try an Ivy plant and put it in a semi-shady spot . I will have several or more posts on canning , we can or freeze from fruits to vegetables . Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  6. Ohhh Nee increìble tengo todas estas plantas en mi jardìn menos el bamboo,el aloe vera tiene muchas propiedades yo la uso y los girasoles ya miden como 3 metros jejej,gracias por informar de estas maravillosas plantas,abrazos.

    1. Hi Rosita , thank you very much , plants are not only pretty by also helpful . Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Wonderful and informative post. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Weekend-Roundup ,
    First , let me thank you for following me , it means a lot so keep me on your radar sometime I surprise myself ;-D . It's a has information right at our fingertips . Thanks for stopping by :)

  9. Lovely post Nee! The lavender I plants always die on me! Sob, sob!
    And wishing I have a garden space to grow these plants!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Joyce , lavender plants are not hard to grow , semi-shade and not to over water . You can grow lavender and herbs in pots in a small space . Thanks for stopping by :)


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