Monday, November 18, 2013

Vegetables Roasted & Marinated

Prep time :  35 minutes    Cooking time : 60 minutes         Makes 6 servings

These vegetables  roasted  and marinated   and hot stuff mushrooms  puffs  combined  with olives  and mozzarella cheese  make  a colorful  antipasto platter . Roasting  vegetables  not only  softens them  but also  intensifies  their flavor and color.

1         pound  small new potatoes  , quartered
3         tablespoons  olive oil
1         tablespoon  chopped fresh  rosemary , crumbled 
1         teaspoon  salt
1         large  sweet green pepper  , cored  , seeded  and cut into strips 1-inch wide
1        medium-size  yellow squash , cut into 1-inch strips
2        small red onions , cut into  slim wedges
8        ounces  button mushrooms , stemed  and wiped clean
2        cloves  garlic minced  .
3         tablespoons  balsamic  vinegar  or fresh lemon juice
1         tablespoon chopped parsley
2         teaspoons chopped fresh thyme  or 1/4 teaspoon  dried  thyme  , crumbled
2         teaspoons Dijon mustard
1         small clove garlic , minced
1         teaspoon  finely grated  lemon zest (optional)
1/2      teaspoon salt
1/4       teaspoon black pepper

1 .    Preheat oven  to 450 *F. In a large  shallow pan , toss potatoess  with oil, rosemary  and salt . Bake uncovered  for 15 minutes .
2 .    Stir in sweet peppers  , zucchini , ellow squash  , onions  , mushrooms  and garlic . Bake  uncovered  , stirring  frequently until vegetables  are lightly browned  and tender  , about 35 to 45 minutes .
3 .      To prepare  the marinade  : In a small bowl , whisk  together  vinegar , oil , parsley , thyme , mustard , garlic  , lemon zest (optional) , salt  and black pepper  until smooth . Pour  marinade  over vegetables  in roasting pan  and stir gently  in roasting pan   and stir grntly  to coat . Cool to room temperature .


  1. We absolutely love roasted vegetables here. This recipe sounds very appealing! Thanks for sharing, Nee, and thank yiu for your visits to my blog.

  2. Hi Nellie , roasted veggies is a big ht at my house , I enjoy your blog , I have you on my sidebar on my blogroll Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Dear Nee,
    Wonderful post and recipe. My favorite is roasted veggies. Love them, and the flavors become more intense as you said! This looks like a platter I would have for my family as an antipasto for holiday time. I make some of these veggies, but I have to try using your recipe, too delicious for words...thank you for sharing this..Blessings, Dottie :)

    1. Hi Dottie , I like this recipe because you can use the veggies of your choice , I always serve this for the holidays and you can serve them at brunch also , oh the possibilities are not limited , thanks for stopping by :).

  4. What a gorgeous platter. Definitely a lovely entertaining recipe. :)

    1. Hi Amy , you can add more veggies , the more the better thanks for stopping by :)

  5. I love roasted veggies. These looks so delicious :)

    1. Hi Weekend , they are delicious thanks for stopping by .

  6. Oh, I love food like this!! What a beautiful platter to place on the holiday table.

  7. Hi Catherine , I prepare this dish often , it's colorful and the kids love it , thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Nee, thanks for sharing this recipe. You are always posting such hearty and comforting dishes.
    I am pinning, Ginger

  9. Hi Ginger, my family loves veggies and with 4 kids I try to keep them excited :-D , I will be sharing some I posted when I started blogging last year , pin anything you like , I follow you on Pintester and Savannah Granny , thanks for stopping by :).


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