Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chiles Fellenos Egg Souffle -----Brunch or Anytime

Prep / Total time : 1 hour 10 minutes Serves 6

The holiday season is upon us , a lot of us will have guests and they will not get up at the same time , heres a brunch recipe you can't miss with , I use it every Thanksgiving and Christmas and you can make it ahead . Try it , you will like it , I have no idea how long I had this recipe from a clipping from a book in the doctor's office , you know it's good , from Betty Crocker .

2              cans (4 ounces each) Old El Paso whole green chiles , drained
4              ounces Monterey Jack cheese , cut into 3x1/2x2-1/2-inch strips
1              jar (2 ounces) diced pimientos , drained
4             eggs , separated
1-1/2      cups milk
1/2          cup all-purpose flour
1/4                  teaspoon salt
Cilantro sprigs if desired
2             cups Old El Paso Thick 'n Chunky salsa

1.        Heat oven to 350*F . Spray 11x7-inch (2-quart) glass baking dish with cooking spray . Stuff chiles with cheese strips ; arrange in baking dish . Sprinkle with pimientos.
2.        In medium bowl , beat egg yolks and milk with wire whisk until well blended . Stir in flour and salt until smooth .
3 .      In a large bowl , beat egg whites with electric mixture on high speed until stiff peaks form. Gently fold egg yolk mixture into beaten egg whites until no traces of white remain . Spoon mixture evenly over stuffed chiles .
4 .       Bake 30 to 40 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean and top is golden brown . Garnish each serving with cilantro sprig . Serve immediately with salsa.

"CHEE-lehs rreh-YEH-nohs is a Mexican specialty of cheese-stuffed mild green chiles and egg batter that is fried until crisp and the cheese is melted , this version is baked .

Egg whites may stand safely at room temperature for up to 30 minutes . Room temperature whites will beat up fluffier .


  1. Dear Nee, A nice nutritious breakfast or brunch. I like the fact that you bake this, and you can make ahead. It is true you don't want to spend the whole time in the kitchen. This way you can mix it all and then bake and you have time to enjoy your guests. Looks so yummy and fluffy... Love the mild chiles...Thanks for sharing...Blessings..Dottie :)

    1. Hi Dottie , it's so true you don't want to spend all your time in the kitchen , your gueasts thinks you spend all your time in the kitchen :D thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Wow, that's a comforting one-dish meal. Thumbs up!

    1. Hi Cheah , so much to do and so little time , this is a perfect brunch or anytime dish , thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Hi Nee,
    This looks delicious! The bread looks so soft and fluffy!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Joyce , fast and easy , make ahead for guests . Happy Thanksgiving , thanks for stopping by :)

  4. hi nee, that's a beautiful presentation ! mmm..melted cheese and chiles...and salsa....they are delicious i'm sure!

  5. Hi Lena , perfect for holiday guests for brunch or anytime of the day , thanks for stopping by :)


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