Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lime Shortbread Cookies with Dried Cherries

Prep :  25 minutes+ chilling   Bake: 10 minutes   Makes about 5 dozen

1                   cup butter , softened
1/4                cup confectioners' sugar
1                   tablespoon grated lime peel
2                   teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2                teaspoon almond extract
2                   cups all-purpose flour
1/4                teaspoon baking powder
1/8                teaspoon salt
1/2                cup chopped dried cherries

1 .       In a large bowl , cream butter  and confectioners' sugar until blended . Beat in lime peel  and extracts . In another bowl, mix the flour  , baking powder and salt ; gradually  beat into creamed mixture . Stir in cherries .
2 .       Divide dough in half ; shape  each into  a 7-inch long roll . Wrap in plastic wrap  ; refrigerate  for 3-4 hours  or until firm .
3.         Unwrap and cut dough  crosswise  into 1/4-inch slices . Place 2-inches apart  on ungreased  baking sheets . Bake at 350* for 9 to 11 minutes  or until edges  are golden brown . Remove from pans  to wire rack to cool .

This fresh sweet-tart cookie  also works with dried cranberries  and orange zest .
Yo can freeze the dough for up to a month .

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