Monday, November 3, 2014

Chocolate Coke Cake

Chocolate Coke cake is a Southern favorite, and this recipe of Old-Fashioned Coca-Cola Cake is a great version. The combination of buttermilk and Coke help to keep this chocolate cake perfectly moist. This recipe for Old-Fashioned Coca-Cola Cake is particularly special because it has marshmallows folded right into the batter. Another great thing about this homemade cake recipe is that you can either make it in two round cake pans or in one large casserole dish. Once the cake has cooled, it is frosted with a delicious homemade frosting made from butter, powdered sugar, cocoa, and a bit more Coke.
                                      Serves: 12
1            cup Coca-Cola
1/2         cup buttermilk
1            cup butter, room temperature
1            cup granulated sugar
3/4         cup brown sugar
2            large eggs
1            tablespoon vanilla
2            cups flour
1/2         cup unsweetened cocoa
1            teaspoon baking soda
1            cup mini marshmallows
1-1/2      cups chopped nuts, I used pecans
Frosting (recipe  below)

1.   Preheat oven to 350 degrees and place rack in middle of oven.
2 .  Mix Coke and buttermilk together in a measuring cup, set aside.
3 .  In a large mixing bowl, beat butter and sugars together until creamy. Add eggs and vanilla. Add the dry ingredients all at once. Mix and add the coke mixture all at once. Fold in the marshmallows.
4 .   Spoon mixture into two greased and lined 9 inch cake pans or one greased 9x13 cake pan.
5 .   Bake 30-35 minutes for layer cake and about 35-40 minutes for 9x13. Cake is done when a few moist crumbs are attached to a toothpick.
6 .  Remove from oven and if using layer pans, run a butter knife around edges and invert onto a rack to cool, placing the parchment side down so it won't stick to the rack. Make sure to peel parchment paper off before frosting cakes.
Cool completely.

3/4 cup butter, room temperature
4-5 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 cup coke
2-3 tablespoons milk or cream as needed

1 .  Mix the butter in a bowl with powdered sugar and cocoa. Add salt, vanilla and coke. Beat until creamy. Add milk until desired spreading consistency.
2 .  Place cake on a platter. Spread 1/3 of frosting on layer. Top with other layer. Spread frosting on top and sides. Place chopped nuts on top of cake.
Serves 12

This cake is very tender, or falls apart easily because it is so moist. Be careful to not over bake. The first time I experimented with this recipe, it came out dry. I think I baked it for 40-45 minutes. I found that about 35 minutes worked perfect in my oven.

The cake will come out with little indents where the marshmallows have melted and sunken into the batter. No worries. The frosting will fill in the indents.

You may add up to another cup of marshmallows to the cake batter if you wish. Only use fresh marshmallows.
Don't use Diet Coke.


  1. Goodmorning Nee!!!
    Oh my goodness, that is one nice looking cake!!! I've seen quite a few Coke cakes recipes in my day but I don't think I have ever seen one with marshmallows added to the batter or the frosting!

    Those kiddies of yours must have really like this one, Nee. I bet it was even better than Halloween candy, lol...

    Thanks for sharing, Nee...

  2. Good morning to you dear Louise ,
    The cake don't last long around my house . Hubby's dad wanted me to bake and send him one by Fed-X overnight , I did , packed it good , it was broken up when it arrived , his wife said he didn't care , he got a bowl and spoon and had a ball . He put the rest in the fridge for later , it didn't last long , she put ice cream on hers'.
    Thanks for stopping by ;-D .

    1. I'm sure he appreciated every single bite, Nee! I know I would!!!

  3. This recipe sounds interesting. Bookmarked!

  4. Good morning Nee,
    Oh my, I have never, ever, had a chocolate cake that had Coca-Cola and marshmallows in the mix and the frosting. This one is an interesting recipe. I always love to try new recipes and this one I will have to try for sure! It looks delicious and you said it was very moist. Also love the homemade frosting too! Wonderful post and recipe.....Thanks for sharing, Nee...Have a blessed and fun week
    Dottie :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Simona and thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Hi Nee! This is definitely a very unique cake! Coca cola and marshmallows! Your cake looks ready for sale, so pretty!

    1. Hi Jasline , the cake didn't last long enough to sale ;-D thanks so much for stopping by :)

  7. I would like to see the cut..I am sure it was moist and delicious!

    1. Hi Medeja , I baked this for a friend that got our the hospital . Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Dear Nee, This would be a great birthday cake!!! I am going to make this cake for my son for his birthday which is this month Nov. 28th. He will love this and so will I and Tammy. It sounds wonderful! Blessings dear. Catherine xoxo

    1. Hi Catherine ,
      Thank you so very much . I know Michael will love it , how wonderful Michael will celebrate two holidays back to back (smiling ) Next year it will be on Thanksgiving and he will have to share his day with the turkey . Thanks so much for stopping by and blessing to you and your family dear Catherine ;- D ~Nee~

  9. Nee, this is a gorgeous chocolate cake...such a classic, and certainly super droolworthy delicious!


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