Friday, July 4, 2014

Have a Fanastic 4th July --- From My Family to Yours

The  4th Of  July
 It's time for the "Barbecue"
And the "Fireworks" galore !
And  the "Beer"  and the "Friends"
And the "Burgers" for  sure !
But  most important
And I really  must say
Is that "America" got
It's "Independence" today !
Yes in "1775"
The  famous politician
Senator "John Hancock"
Had  sighed  the petition
That stated that our  country
Was "free" from all others !
And that  we would "only be  governed"
By our "American brothers"!
So while we are celebrating
This "great day of  fun"
Let  us always remember
What our forefathers had  done !
Author :   Billy  Nardozzi


  1. Dear Nee, It is 2:30 am so I don't know if I should say good morning, or good night, but anyway...Happy July 4th to you and your family! I love your graphic posts and the poem is perfect! We will be getting rain here for the 4th, but all may not be lost. They were saying on the news that at evening time it should clear up so we can still see the fireworks! Again be safe and have fun....thanks for sharing your photos and the lovely poem. Blessings on this day...for our country! Dottie :)

    1. My dear Dottie ,
      Good morning , good night , it's good to get a visit from you . Happy 4th July to you and your family , hearing wishing you had a wonderful time . This weather is so un-predictable all we can do is pray and stay safe . The news says Arthur is now just a tropical storm, I do so hope it clears up so you can enjoy the fireworks .
      I do so love gifs and I google free gifs of whatever I want and take my pick . Thanks so much for stopping by ... Blessing ;-D

  2. Hi Nee,

    Hope you had a Blast this 4th of July! We were pretty quiet around here. Well inside anyway. Outside was a bit noisy, lol...

    1. Hi Louise,
      We had a blast and noisy yes , inside and outside ... Thanks for stopping by ;-D ... Nee


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