Friday, December 20, 2013

Italian Marsala Baked Chicken

                                       Makes  6 serving
Marsala baked  chicken  is usually hig in fat  and calories . But in this  version , the flavor really comes  from deglazing  the skillet  with the broth and wine , so even though  you eliminated  the extra oil  , the taste isn't lost , enjoy .

6                    boneless skinless chicken breast  halves (4 ounces each
1                    cup fat-free Italian salad dressing 
1                   tablespoon all-purpose  flour 
1                   teaspoon  Italian seasoning 
1/2                teaspoon garlic powder 
1/4                teaspoon  paprika
1/4                teaspoon pepper 
2                   tablespoons  olive oil , divided 
1                   tablespoon  butter 
1/2                cup reduced -sodium chicken broth 
1/2                cup marsala  wine  or 3 tablespoons  unsweetened  apple  juice  plus 5 tablespoons  additional reduced-sodium chicken broth
1                   pound  sliced  fresh mushrooms 
1/2                cup minced fresh  parsley

1.          Flatten chicken to 1/2-inch thickness . Place in large  re-sealable plastic bag ; add salad dressing . Seal bag  and turn to coat ; refrigerate  for 8 hours or overnight .2 .          Drain  and discard marinade . Combine  the flour  , Italian seasoning  , garlic  powder , paprika  and pepper ; sprinkle  over both sides of chicken . In a large skillet  coated  with cooking spray  , cook chicken  in 1 teaspoon oil  and butter  for 2 minutes  on each side  or until browned  . Transfer  to a 13-inch x9-inch baking dish  coated  with cooking spray3 .           Gradually  add broth  and wine to skillet  , stirring  to loosen  browned  bits . Bring  to a boil ; cook and stir  for 2 minutes  . Strain sauce ; set aside . In the same skillet  , cook mushrooms  in remaining  oil for  2 minutes ; drain . Stir  sauce  into mushrooms  , heat through .  Pour over chicken ; sprinkle  with parsley . Bake  uncovered  at 359*F  for 25 to 30 minutes  or until chicken juices  run clear .  


  1. Wow, this dish will be perfect for X'mas dinner. Can imagine the yummy mushrooms soaked in the marsala sauce!

    1. Hi Cheah , it's a wonderful dish for the holidays , thanks for stopping by:)

  2. this sounds so flavourful with all those herbs and spices and it certainly looks very delicious!

    1. Hi Lena , I think herbs make the dish and bring out the flavors , thanks for stopping by .

  3. Dear Nee, This looks delicious. Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year. Catherine xo

    1. Hi Dottie , Thank you so very much and a very Happy and Joyful Christmas , thanks for stopping by :).

  4. Dear Nee, Thank you for sharing this fabulous post. I love the taste of Chicken Marsala, mixed with the mushrooms and wine. The photo is very appetizing. Than you for sharing this wonderful recipe. I will try this after Christmas. Maybe for New Years! Blessings for a very Merry Christmas.....Dottie :)

    1. Hi Dottie , when I cook a favorite recipe , I take pictures for a future post .
      Blessing to you dear Dottie , friends and family for a most wonderful Christmas and a wonderful year . Thanks for stopping by :)


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